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Devops Toolchain of the website

Devops Toolchain of the website

This is how this website is made. I have a DevOps approach with a continuous integration & continuous development (CICD) toolchain. The cornerstone of my methodology is AWS AWS icon coupled with Github Github icon.

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Here is a summarized visualization:

DevOps diagram

DevOps pillars

I’m following each pillar of the DevOps toolchain :

In detail:


I’m using Visual Studio Code as an integrated development environment on W10.

Framework & Language

I’m using Ruby language with Jekyll framework as a Static Site Generator (SSG). I’m first building, deploying & running in local with Jekyll. Jekyll is building the website dynamically as the code change.


I use Trello as a Kanban board in order to have a visual system for managing work as it moves through.

Source code management

I’m using a private repository of Github with the GitFlow workflow. Not public because I have unfinished works that I don’t want you to be spoiled.

Cloud platform

I firstly wanted to go with Terraform Terraform icon and building an infrastructure as code for Amazon Web Services (AWS). But why would I bother myself when I could use AWS as a Saas (Software as a service) by using AWS Amplify. AWS Amplify is simplyfing the use of the following AWS Services by combining them : (Found by analyzing the IAM Policy of the CLI)

Analytics & Feedbacks

I use google analytics coupled with HeatMap plugin. I ask for feedbacks online and from friends.